KK Women's and Children's Hospital Pte. Ltd.

Genetic Counsellor (Antenatal Diagnostic Centre)

Job Category:  Allied Health Professional
Posting Date:  13 May 2023

The Antenatal Diagnostic Centre is looking for a Genetic Counsellor to complement in the prenatal diagnosis service in the delivery of a high standard of care to patients who have a personal or family history of birth defects or genetic disorders by providing information and support to these patients and their families. The Genetic Counsellor is also responsible for coordinating the public awareness programmes.


Job Scope


  • Conduct intake of information from patients, construct a complete pedigree, obtain appropriate medical histories, organize and present the pertinent medical and genetic information to the health care team.
  • Apply his/her knowledge of genetics and genetic disorders to effectively convey genetic, medical and technical information to the patient.
  • Identify family dynamics and emotional responses from the patient.
  • Help patients understand the medical aspects of the genetic condition, as well as the psychological and familial implications of genetics.
  • Provide patients with information on options that are available such as genetic testing, disease management and prevention, and facilitate the patient's decision-making in a non-directive manner.
  • Provide patients with resources for support and opportunities in research programs existing in the medical community.
  • Coordinate genetic testing for patients and families, including liaising with the respective genetic laboratories, arranging the testing, following up on results and discussion of results with patients.


Job Requirements


  • Degree in Genetic Counselling or equivalent
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Minimum 3 years working experience in counselling
  • Proficiency with the use of IT