KK Women's and Children's Hospital Pte. Ltd.

Pharmacy Technician (Pharmacy Auto Svc)

Job Category:  Allied Health Professional
Posting Date:  2 Apr 2024

Job Description & Requirements:

You will assist pharmacists in ensuring the availability of medications and facilitate patient care through processing of medication orders which includes typing, packing and counselling. You will also be required to prepare extemporaneous syrups.

You will be required to handle the operation of the automation systems and drug preparation for unit dose packaging and distribution to the wards. You will also perform loading of drugs into automation systems. You will also perform duties such as checking and topping up of medications in ward medication trolleys and Pyxis. You may be required to prepare and supply medications to automated dispensing machines (ADM) in the wards and operating theatres


  • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science from local Polytechnic, WSQ Advanced Certificate in Pharmacy Support or equivalent
  • Work experience in hospital or emergency pharmacy will be an advantage
  • Able to perform shift duties