National Cancer Centre of Singapore Pte Ltd

(Associate) Research Coordinator (DMSMC)

Job Category:  Allied Health Professional
Posting Date:  14-Mar-2023

The Precision Radiotherapeutics and Oncology Programme (PROP) is looking for a highly motivated individual to join us as an Associate Research Coordinator or Research Coordinator. You will be working with a team of coordinators to assist with subject recruitment, sample collection, patient follow-up and appointment scheduling.

You will participate in the following activities:

- Assist PI/co-investigators in screening and recruiting patients for the study.

- Explain process and procedures to educate the participant regarding the research study.

- Assist the PI in clinic and help to organise and schedule patient appointments and treatment dates.

- Ensure to conduct the study in accordance with protocol, SGGCP Guidelines, all applicable regulatory and laboratory requirements.

- Assist in Ethics (CIRB) and Regulatory (HSA) submission to obtain approval to conduct the study.

- Ensure proper collection, handling and delivery of the biological samples (Blood and/or tissues) and retrieve tissue samples within and cross institutions.

- Perform data entry according to PDPA.

Job Requirements:

- Diploma or Degree in Biomedical Science, Life Science or other related fields.

- Strong organizational and interpersonal skills, efficient, meticulous and pro-active.

- Able to work independently under pressure as well as in a team.

- Knowledge of Microsoft Words and Excel is required.