National Cancer Centre of Singapore Pte Ltd

Research Officer (DMODT)

Job Category:  Research
Posting Date:  3 Feb 2024

The Research Officer will oversee the progress of the research study under the supervision of the Principal investigator (PI). They will perform a variety of research activities which include planning and execution of experiments for functional validation, leading up to a scientific publication.


Main Duties:


1. Tissue Logistics

  • Tracking of biological samples received in the lab pertaining to the study
  • Collection of patient samples (FFPE, Tissue, WBC,DNA or RNA) from Pathology
  • DNA/RNA extraction from frozen tissue or FFPE
  • Submission of DNA/RNA samples to external sequencing partner


2. Cell culture

  • Generation of cell line and/or organoids from tissue collected from the study
  • Maintenance of these cell lines and/or organoids in culture


3. Perform tasks and support all aspects of the research project

  • Performing literature reviews when required
  • Plan and execute experiments for functional validation
  • Conduct accurate monitoring, documenting and reporting of experimental result and research findings
  • Evaluate and interpret collected data and prepare oral presentations/scientific manuscripts/ literature for publication


4.Perform other related duties 

  • Laboratory upkeep and maintenance



  • Bachelor’s/Master of Science degree in related technical discipline (biology, cell biology, biomedical science, biochemistry or molecular biology)
  • Experience working in a clinical or academic environment
  • Strong technical/wet lab skills
  • Team player with excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently
  • Independent worker, possess initiative to complete tasks and projects assigned
  • Highly motivated to learn new techniques and not afraid to ask if unsure
  • Able to undertake independent research progressively