National Cancer Centre of Singapore Pte Ltd

Research Technologist (DMSMC)

Job Category:  Research
Posting Date:  20 Jun 2024

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented individual with a passion for cancer genomics, biology and radiation research to join the Precision Radiation Oncology Programme (PROP). The scope of the projects conducted under the premise of PROP includes 1) early- and late-phase clinical trials; 2) cancer genomics and data science; and 3) translational cancer and radiation biology. For this role, you will be mainly working with the Principal Investigator (PI) and the research teams under Theme 2. The projects involve studying cancer genomics of two main cancers, nasopharyngeal and prostate cancer, and the development of risk stratification models or identification of novel biomarkers for radioresistance.  Samples from consented patients will be used for next-generation sequencing and/or microarray to generate “big data” for further analysis by our data scientists. You will be involved in inter-departmental collaborations with oncologists, pathologists, scientists, and local and international collaborators.  

You will participate in the following activities:
-   Processing and multi-omics molecular profiling of patient samples, including next-generation sequencing, microarray analysis, etc.
-   Routinely update and maintain the biobank and database of collected patient samples.
-   Assist and guide Intern students in sample processing and experiments.
-   Actively engage internal clinical and data science teams as well as external collaborators to ensure alignment with overall research goals.
-   Participate in research activities, lab meetings/presentations and audits.
-   Maintain inventory and purchase reagents, consumables and equipment when required.

Job Requirements: 
-   Diploma (for Research Technologist) / Bachelor Degree (for Research Officer) in Biomedical/Life Sciences, or related fields.
-   At least 1 year of research experience in molecular biology is necessary. 
-   Previous experience in blood sample processing and DNA/RNA extraction.
-   Prioritises proper handling, processing and documentation of patient samples; must be comfortable handling blood or tissue samples.  
-   Strong technical wet lab skills and meticulous in database and biobank management.
-   Strong initiative and good communication skills are necessary.
-   Responsible and passionate about oncology clinical research.
-   Able to work independently and with other team members under pressure and tight deadlines.

The shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  Interested candidates should send in your curriculum vitae with the full contact information of three referees.