National Neuroscience Institute of Singapore

Associate Wellbeing Coordinator

Job Category:  Administration
Posting Date:  26 Jun 2024

Job Description

Under the guidance of the NNI Neuropalliative Care team, you will aid in implementing screening of patient and caregiver symptoms and needs in the NNI clinic as part of holistic care for NNI patients with neurological and neurosurgical disorders as follows: 


  • Establish strong rapport and working relationships with patients, patients’ family members, internal and external stakeholders and (where necessary) community care partners.


  • Be the main point of contact for care coordination and navigation.


  • Assist in screening patients for health and/or social care needs such as administering distress thermometer screening, basic vital sign measurements, simple questionnaires to understand caregiver burden, etc. Escalate care to medical/nursing when appropriate.


  • Assist in collation of screening forms and population of database.


  • Assist the team in monitoring and follow-up on patients’ conditions through phone calls or home visits, and help in coordinating various care services.


  • If required, maintain updated documentation of care plan, post-intervention follow-ups, and engagements.


  • Assist in educating patients and their family on the self-management of illness and importance of a healthy lifestyle, and for reinforcing individualised patient and caregiver education.


  • Support team with community outreach and engagement efforts.



Job Requirements

  • Recognised Diploma with or without relevant working experience in healthcare setting.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power point)
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Access would be an advantage.