National Neuroscience Institute of Singapore

Executive, Neuroscience ACP (Contract Full-Time)

Job Category:  Administration
Posting Date:  13-Mar-2023

Our people are at the heart of our vision and strategy to become a leading Academic Medical Centre of Excellence that shapes neuroscience care for a better tomorrow. The Executive will be a valued member of the team supporting NNI-Neuroscience Academic Clinical Programme (ACP); and is responsible for the following duties:


  • Support ACP administration matters, funding management, stakeholder liaison/reporting and institutional governance of Neuroscience ACP to advance our agenda and goals in alignment with SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Centre (AMC). Partner stakeholders to monitor, track and report awards, utilisation and reports for all projects across all NNI-Neuroscience ACP funding streams such as grants, industry/collaborative agreements, contracts, clinical trials, philanthropic funding, academic funds, Health Research Endowment Fund (HREF), SingHealth Fund-NNI; and work with respective Secretariats on follow-up actions.
  • Support in harmonising strategies and synergising operations across various arms/functions of NNI Neuroscience ACP
  • Support in coordinating strategic initiatives and special projects to build organisational capabilities including but not limited to strategic network of collaborations/partnerships locally and internationally; strategic hires, talent development and mentorship; data analytics; benchmarking; quality improvement; digital transformation etc.
  • Support in facilitating faculty and non-faculty development; and coordinating the end-to-end process for Academic Appointments, Promotions and Tenure, as well as academic awards, in partnership with external and internal stakeholders.
  • Support in performing Secretariat duties and organising NNI-Neuroscience ACP events and academic visits/exchanges from international/local partners
  • Support in designing, implementing and reviewing initiatives to foster closer collaboration across disciplines, professions and institutions; encourage cross-pollination of ideas and catalyse innovation.
  • Support in designing, implementing and reviewing policies, processes, governance controls and forms/templates to enhance operational efficacy
  • Support in coordinating and representing NNI-Neuroscience ACP’s efforts in all SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC cluster initiatives, programmes and activities.
  • Any other assigned duties to advance SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine agenda, including but not limited to supporting the administration and operations of Neuroscience ACP arms/functions.


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree with at least 2 years of relevant working experience.
  • Excellent team player with good communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Resourceful and critical thinking fast learner with initiative.
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Background in academic affairs, research, grant management, policy formulation, programme development and quality improvement are advantageous.