Singapore General Hospital Pte Ltd

Transplant Coordinator ( Living Transplant)

Job Category:  Allied Health Professional
Posting Date:  30 Jun 2024

The Living Kidney Donor Transplant Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the entire process of evaluation, preparation and management of patients undergoing living donor kidney transplantation.


He/she would be responsible for:

1) Receiving referrals and making first contact with the patient

2) Perform interim assessment of patient’s suitability to be a living kidney donor or to under living kidney donor transplantation

3) Schedule tests and specialist visits that are required for living kidney donation or living kidney donor transplantation

4) Ensure patient is reviewed at the transplant evaluation clinics and provide counselling of patient with respect to be a living kidney donor or to undergo living kidney donor transplantation

5) Monitor patient condition and testing during the evaluation phase and  maintain database with intent to report living kidney donor transplant program data on a regular basis.


The living kidney donor transplant coordinator will also handle any calls or concerns from patients during weekdays and weekends, monitor the condition of patients that are admitted and ensure that the evaluation progress for the patient is tracked accurately at all times so that patients from SGH will always have the earliest opportunity to donate a kidney or to undergo living kidney donor transplantation.


The living kidney donor transplant coordinator will prepare all documents and patients for approval by the transplant ethics committee and will coordinate the peri-operative and preparatory phase to under living kidney donation and transplantation.


The living kidney donor transplant coordinator will also be expected to take turn to do overnight calls for deceased donor transplant activation where the coordinator is in charge of preparing patients for emergency deceased donor kidney transplantation.


The living kidney donor transplant coordinator will work collegially with other healthcare professionals to ensure holistic care of the patients being evaluated and prepared for living kidney donor transplantation or donation as well as perform any other duties requested by the transplant program manager or director which include roles in quality improvement, education and research.


A candidate suitable for this job post would be someone who has interest in working in the healthcare industry, is a team player, able to be patient-centric and most importantly enjoy interacting and helping others.




- Degree or Diploma in Nursing or Degree in Life Sciences, Psychology or Social Work

- Willing to perform on-call duties on a rotational basis

- Multi-language proficiency and healthcare service related experience, is preferred

-Fully vaccinated with Covid-19