Singapore General Hospital Pte Ltd

Transplant Coordinator (NOTU)

Job Category:  Allied Health Professional
Posting Date:  3 Jul 2024

Job Description
The co-ordinator is responsible for the co-ordination of organ donation. This involves being well versed with the two legislations: The Medical (Therapy, Education & Research) Act 1972 and the Human Organ Transplant Act 1987 (HOTA) that permits organ donation and the framework of the different hospitals that facilitates the organ procurement process. He / she will be responsible for the selection of patients on the National Transplant Register for kidney transplantation and assist in the administration of the Organ Donor Registry to ensure that data are entered accurately and promptly.
The purpose is to make more organs available for transplant, ensure that selection of kidney recipients are carried out in accordance to selection criteria and ensure the efficient functioning of the Organ Donor Registry.
Organ Procurement

  • Coordinate the procurement procedure on referral of a potential organ donor to.
  • Explain and motivate relatives of potential deceased organ donors, who do not fall under the ambit of HOTA, to give consent to organ and / tissue donation.
  • Maintain contacts with intensive care unit staff in the hospitals.
  • Conduct death audits in the various hospitals.
  • Identify process lapses.
  • Kidney Allocation
  • Manage the selection of patients on National Transplant Register for kidney transplant.
  • Registry Maintenance
  • Oversee the maintenance of the National Transplant Registry
  • Coordinate with the pancreas program on the establishment of the pancreas wait list
  • Administration
  • Assist in data collation and administration of the duties of the National Organ Transplant Unit
  • Scheduling of TEC meetings
  • Secretariat Support for TEC
  • Data Collection
  • Maintain and collate reports on potential organ donors.
  • Education
  • Engage in outreach programs to the public and hospital staff
  • Coordinate teaching sessions for case manager

  • Job Requirements
  • Bachelor Degree in Science or Life Sciences, Social Science, Psychology or Social Work or Degree in Nursing
  • Other degree holders may be considered if science subjects were in the course of studies either at University or “A” levels
  • Fully vaccinated against COVID-19