Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd

Manager, Digital Empowerment

Job Category:  Administration
Posting Date:  23 Mar 2024

The Office of Digital Empowerment is dedicated to revolutionising our healthcare ecosystem by harnessing the power of digital technologies to enhance patient care, operational efficiency, and innovation. Our primary objective is to help design, implement, and continually evolve a holistic digital strategy that aligns with SingHealth's mission and goals. We aim to empower our employees with innovative technologies, foster a culture of innovation and agility while facilitating seamless and multidisciplinary collaboration. Through our efforts, we seek to create a patient-centric digital ecosystem that not only mitigates healthcare challenges but also drives sustainable growth and excellence in clinical and administrative workflows. The Manager, Office of Digital Empowerment plays a key role in driving and spearheading this effort.


Job Description

As the Manager, Digital Empowerment, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Develop and manage clear roadmaps for digital initiatives, setting objectives, timelines, and success metrics to ensure alignment with the division's digital strategy and SingHealth's overarching objectives.
  • Lead cross-functional teams through ideation, conceptualisation, planning, and execution of digital projects.
  • Drive digital empowerment initiatives, including the establishment and management of digital Centers of Excellence (COEs).
  • Spearhead digital innovation and transformational initiatives, promoting the adoption of automation technologies such as RPA, chatbots, and M365.
  • Collaborate closely with key stakeholders to develop annual plans and budgets for digital projects, and efficiently managing budget portfolios and utilisation.
  • Serve as the digital representative, providing expertise and guidance in projects, task forces, committees, and initiating open conversations with senior management and key stakeholders.
  • Oversee and manage digital platforms, including websites, mobile applications, and digital tools, to ensure system service levels are met and providing prompt support for any system-related issues that may arise.
  • Stay informed about emerging technologies and healthcare challenges, regularly assessing their viability and potential adoption.
  • Foster a culture of innovation, agility, and continuous improvement within SingHealth.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and readiness to undertake any additional responsibilities and duties assigned within the Office of Digital Empowerment.

Job Requirements

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