SingHealth Polyclinics

Analyst, Healthcare Information (Data Management)

Job Category:  Administration
Posting Date:  09-Mar-2023

The SingHealth Polyclinic’s (SHP) Healthcare Information (HI) team’s Vision takes after that of SHP’s Data Administration Group (DAG), which is “A data-driven approach to better and safer care, with seamless access to data and analysis”. HI consists of 4 sub-teams – Data Management, Healthcare Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Stakeholder Success.


To achieve our Vision, the Executive of HI’s Data Stakeholder Success team will ensure all relevant teams within SHP have the capabilities and know-how to create a data-driven culture by:

  1. working with stakeholders to understand their data-related needs, then planning the curriculum and implementing training sessions to address their needs, driving towards data democratisation and self-help
  2. providing internal team technical support on data/technical products during design phase
  3. conceptualising and creating a steady pipeline of training material, whether for training sessions, online videos or electronic direct mailers
  4. providing technical support to users on existing data/technical products, including troubleshooting
  5. working with relevant stakeholders to understand any changes to data-related platforms or processes, and coming up with appropriate change management plans/materials to ensure smooth transitions


You will also assist in managing some general administrative duties.



Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 2 years of relevant experience in a training/change management setting; experience in the data analytics/healthcare industry is preferred
  • Able to conceptualise and implement a strategy to ‘get everyone on the same page’, whether it is to learn a skill or to be proficient in a new/amended process
  • An ability to quickly understand the training needs of users; prior understanding of platforms/software like Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), Tableau, R/Python is a plus
  • Relevant skillsets to create training/change management material as required; e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint/Adobe Illustrator skills are a plus
  • Strategic mindset in working out what needs to be done, then planning the best way to move forward with stakeholders independently