Sengkang General Hospital Pte. Ltd.

Associate Consultants / Consultants / Senior Consultants - Dept of Pathology

Job Category:  Medical
Posting Date:  17 May 2024

For Chemical Pathology, Anatomical Pathology (including Cytopathology), Microbiology




You will provide and maintain high quality service and care in your respective specialty and work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals in the day-to-day treatment of patients. 


You will also undertake responsibilities in areas of Clinical, Education, Research and Administration. These include mentoring junior doctors, participating in scholarly activities, and attending to non-clinical administrative duties.



  • Possess a basic medical degree with a relevant postgraduate qualification such as FRCPath, FRCPA or board certification recognised by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC)*;
  • Completed specialty training in the relevant fields, preferably with at least 2 years of relevant experience as a specialist;
  • Published articles in peer-reviewed journals.


* Visit the SMC website ( for the list of registrable basic and postgraduate medical qualifications.