Singapore National Eye Centre Pte Ltd

Fellow, SNEC Ocular Reading Centre

Job Category:  Medical
Posting Date:  13 Jun 2024

The SNEC Ocular Reading Centre is seeking candidates who are highly motivated to join us for a fulfilling career as a Fellow. The incumbent will be required to report to SORC Director, and Assistant Director to assist in duties in daily operations of the Reading Centre, and support the upskilling team of grading staff. He/She will lead and implement new initiatives to audit and improve quality and services for the Reading Centre. Employment will be on contract basis and will be renewable subject to performance and availability of projects.


The Fellow will be required to:


  • Develop new grading protocols and techniques for imaging assessment and expand the graders’ skills and competencies
  • Oversee and manage new grading projects or business opportunities for SORC e.g. pharmaceutical collaborations
  • Conduct regular audits in SORC for performance reporting to MOH or other external agencies
  • Grade and interpret advance imaging scans, conduct arbitration of complex cases as required
  • Assist in management of temp staff, research students, technical and other support staff
  • Attend and present findings and outcomes at executive committees and professional conferences, and to contribute to the external visibility of the department
  • Plan and coordinate regular updates to Scientific Advisory Board and organise committee meetings
  • Undertake specific roles and management functions as reasonably required by Director



  • MMed (Ophthalmology) or its equivalent. 
  • Completed 2 years of advance training rotations in general ophthalmology
  • Experienced in most aspects of clinical ophthalmology, imaging papers will be an added advantage
  • Demonstrated familiarity with principles of clinical trial evaluation techniques
  • Able to work independently and multi-task
  • A good command of English language


The Fellow is not required to see patients.